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Prayer Roundup/Discussion

On today’s podcast, Blessed and I discuss the week’s prayers in the wake of several tragedies unfolding even now in the USA. Join us as we ask God’s blessings over all of us in the double portion, so we can continue living out these…

Friday Prayer Roundup

Good Yom Shishi (Friday) to everyone! My stepdaughter “Blessed” is hosting the weekend, double-portion prayer today. Please pray along with her that God will give us all we need of His blessings of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge as we take the truths of His…

Weekend Prayer Roundup

My lovely stepdaughter “Blessed” is guest hosting the double-portion prayer today. Welcome her as she intercedes for your weekend and well-being, in Yeshua’s Name!

Friday Prayer and Double-Portion Roundup

Today “Blessed”, Miss Obed’s beloved stepdaughter, is hosting the prayer roundup for you, asking God’s blessings over this week’s series on PRAISE, in the double portion. Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! 🙂

Prayer Roundup – the Double Portion

As our week of prayer regarding Servitude concludes, I’m asking God to grant us all His blessings of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of what we’ve heard in the DOUBLE PORTION. God bless your weekend, everybody! 🙂