1st of March

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit.

Have you ever struggled with finding out the will of God for your life? Along with dedicated reading of His Holy Word to do so, you can approach His Throne in confidence and ask Him to reveal it to you! Do Not Be Afraid – He won’t rebuke you, child of God – He’ll answer you. 😀

That’s just some of what God is telling us on today’s podcast. Set your mind and heart to receive His everlasting love, tune in the podcast, and let God bless your soul. AMEN.

Have a WONDERFUL day! 😀

1st of March

Yes, Yeshua LOVES Me

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach!

This week’s ENCORE PRESENTATION comes from John 3:16 and 14:6.

Do you sometimes wonder whether or not Yeshua (Jesus) does indeed love you with perfect and unconditional love? If so, this is the message of truth and encouragement you need. 🙂

Please open your bibles to this week’s scripture, and prepare your hearts and minds for a blessing from the Eternal God.

Listen to Message “009 – Yes, Yeshua Loves Me”

Hope is Blessed

Why is hoping in the Lord so emphasized, so important, so… blessed?

God willing, on today’s podcast you will clearly discover the answer.

The last scripture in our HOPE Series comes from Jeremiah 17:7, read out of the King James and the Classic Amplified versions of the Bible.

Listen to Season “435 – Hope is Blessed”