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Good Yom Chamishi (Day Five), everyone! “…watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;…” These words from Eph. 6:18 brought to mind the discernment God grants those whose minds are stayed on Him in steadfast intercession for Christ’s Body. It’s as if, through this verse, Paul mentions another valuable piece of equipment to be part of every believer’s arsenal… spyglasses. While most … Read More Spyglasses

Bless the Lord! Part 20

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 I have SO enjoyed your company on the journey we’ve taken during our Word of the Month series, based on Psalm 103. Tune in for the double-portion blessing and a reading of the entire Psalm to encourage your souls as, today, our series concludes. HAVE A GLORIOUS WEEKEND, ONE AND ALL!

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 20

Our Word of the Month series concludes today with Psalm 91, verse 16. Tune in for God’s word regarding this lovely promise, and to find out how we’ll say goodbye to the decade and to the Gregorian year 2019. God bless! 🙂

I Just Don’t Understand You

Have you ever been so perplexed by God that you get angry with Him? I have. It didn’t last long but, I went there, and I learned A LOT about God in the process. As Real-Deal Week concludes on the podcast, there’s a lot more to pray about and share!


That we walk in excellence is very important to God. It’s an act of worship. Conclusion of WORSHIP WEEK But is excellence flawless perfection, never doing or saying a wrong thing? Hardly. What it truly means to the Father is the most important thing His children can do in relationship to Him. As Worship Week concludes, tune in to plumb the depths of excellence, … Read More Excellence


Whether you realize it or not, Yeshua is calling you. His greatest desire is that you will LIVE and not die but, for that to happen, you must be saved. Thank you for joining us during Warfare Week 🙂 As Warfare Week concludes on the podcast, I am praying… crying out in the Name of the Lord to the many lives as yet unsaved. … Read More SOULS

A Servant’s Acts

Good Yom Chamishi to you! 🙂 As our prayer series on Servitude concludes, it’s important to focus on the kinds of fruit our acts will generate when our footsteps (the things we do) are ordered by the Lord and not ourselves. Join Blessed and me for an important time of discussion and intercession on your behalf.