Where Are You Dwelling? Part 3

The Lord is indeed our Refuge and Fortress; our God, and in Him will we trust. On today’s podcast, we begin exploration of Psalm 91, verse 2. Join me as our Word of the Month continues!

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 2

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It’s true that Almighty God Himself is our Rest and Covering, but that means MUCH more than you may think.

Join me today to explore the “much more” as our Word of the Month from Psalm 91 continues, with the second part of Where Are You Dwelling?

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Double-Portion Prayer Roundup

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We have had SUCH a positive week of intercessory prayer for the marriage bond in every way put forth by Almighty God, it’s sad to see it end!

But the BRIGHT spot in all of it is the double-portion prayer I’m lifting to the Lord for all of you today, that every bit of His wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and encouragement be poured upon your lives just as it was poured into this week’s series, Happily Ever-After? Some Marriage Myths Dispelled.

Have a restful, joyful weekend, everybody! 🙂

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