God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 23

GOOD SHABBAT KODESH, everyone! Welcome to another bountiful season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Finances, children, and alcohol are key subjects in today’s examination of the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23. God’s wisdom is the Breath of Life; let it be so to you and yours, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name. AMEN.

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Greater Repentance

Higher regard for what it means to be truly contrite is what the Lord is looking for in His children. He never wants us to rush through prayers that ask Him to forgive…

Today’s podcast is part of a three-week series just recently begun, where the Lord asks us – in all areas of our lives – to:

If you’re interested in going deeper, truer, richer… greater in Him regarding the spirit of true repentance tune in the podcast, and prepare your hearts for a blessing! 🙂

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GOD is Our Everything


Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach!

Who do you rely upon for everything… yourself? Another human on earth? Things? Computers?

Today’s classic, ENCORE PRESENTATION comes from Isaiah 33:22 and sets the record straight on Who is to be everything to the child of God.

Open your bibles to this week’s scripture verse, and prepare your hearts for a blessing from the Lord.

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