Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 4

So much for wabbit season, dude…

Good morning, listeners! Welcome to another season of Pocket of Prayer. Let me ask you something:

Have you been obsessed with obtaining one particular goal for most of your life? If so, can the thing you want so much sustain you, meet all your needs, satisfy you forever?

I think we all know the answer to that last question. The truth is, unless it’s God Himself you’re after, everything else is way too small – especially if it’s a scheming wittle bunny wabbit!

Join me today as our series continues. 🙂

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“ALL THINGS” – Part 1

GOOD MORNING, everyone! 😀

We’ve been given a brand new series of podcasts for the week from the generous and merciful hand of Almighty God! HALLELUJAH!

The new series, titled, “ALL THINGS” comes from Philippians 4:11-13 where the Apostle Paul thanks the church at Philippi for their watchful care of him, time and again giving to his ministry in Yeshua.

Couched within his loving thank-you are priceless keys to Christian living for every believer. Please join me in the journey of collecting all these keys to becoming strong in the character of the Living God as we begin with the value of knowing how to be abased.

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Share God’s Love

Do you believe that, as believers in Yeshua, we each have a responsibility and commissioning before God to share His love?

I do, too.

As our series, titled, YOU ARE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER continues, today’s podcast offers heartfelt intercession for you, that you will take the love of God to all mankind in His name, with courage and determination. Amen.

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