The Word of Christ Will Judge and Condemn the Wicked

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Tonight’s session concludes our five-part series on the 12th chapter of John – AMEN!

Please open your bibles to verses 44 – 50 as the series ends on a glorious, yet very serious note.

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To Believe or Not to Believe

GOOD TUESDAY, and welcome to Pocket of Bible Study, everyone! 😀

Do you consider yourself a “believer” in Jesus Christ? If so, how did that happen?

You may see clearly what caused faith’s birth in you, but the scribes and pharisees of old absolutely did not. They were too busy fulfilling their own agendas and lending their hearts to the enemy.

Let’s read more about this and what it meant to that generation and could mean to this one today as our study of the Book of John continues with Part 4 in our series on chapter 12.

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Yeshua is Well Worth It!

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How much would you say Adonai Yeshua (Lord Jesus) our Savior is worth? More than anyone, anywhere could ever determine, wouldn’t you say?

I’d say that also, child of God! ABSOLUTELY!

As tonight’s gentle exegesis of the Book of John continues with chapter 12, we’ll encounter a woman who did all she could to let the Lord know His extravagant worth to her and her family – and to the whole world.

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