This One Thing

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach!

This week’s new message contains an eternal truth about race and cultural relations in the life of every believer.

Please turn your bibles to Philippians 3:9-14, and prepare your hearts for a very clear directive from the word of Almighty God.

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The Virtues of Obedience – Part 1

Hello, and WELCOME to the inaugural post of our Topical session of Pocket of Bible Study!

Tonight’s edition will be the first part of God’s Word showing us how Obedience saves, changes, and preserves lives and lineage.

Have your bibles opened to Genesis chapters 11, 12, and 20 as we take a prayerful look into this topic and apply it to our lives today.

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Getting to Know Yeshua (Jesus)


Welcome to the very first session of the newest podcast to join The Pocket Ministries International family:


This Tuesday night session offers a gentle exegesis of God’s Word in the Gospel of John, and is primarily geared toward precious new believers in Yeshua (Jesus).

Please open your bibles to John 1, and prepare your hearts for a friendly, informative, study as we become increasingly familiar with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. 🙂

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Who is Your Source?

We need God’s goodness every day…

GOOD YOM CHAMISHI (Day Five) to everyone! 🙂

Our 2-week series, DAY BY DAY, continues based on Matthew 6:9-13, and today’s portion of that passage is plain and simple: Give us this day our daily bread.

Yeshua is God of the practical as well as the supernatural, miraculous parts of Christian life. Do you rely on Him for everything? You certainly can… and you should.

Please join me for intercession and testimony regarding the Lord’s marvelous provision on behalf of His children. He is alive and well and waiting for you! God bless.

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Saved by Hope

Hope and our salvation are entwined – did you know that?

Today’s podcast comes from Romans 8:24, and will be read in the Kings James Version and the New Living Translation.

Please join me today as I conclude the 2nd week of our HOPE Series in the Name of the Lord, by encouraging you and praying that you be completely edified by the awesome things God has to say to you.


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