God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 31

HELLO! and WELCOME to a great and glorious season of POCKET OF PRAYER! 😀

This is the last installment of our 31-part series highlighting the amazing Book of Proverbs! We have finished it well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ… HALLELUJAH!

Please join me and my best friend “Blessed” for this final regular installment where we’ll look at different parts of the magnificent chapter 31 and point out what has touched our hearts by God’s power as our journey through “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM” concludes.* Amen.

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*Tune in Wednesday and Thursday for the special two-part, DOUBLE-PORTION prayer on the Proverbs series. We’ll close out the 2020 podcast season with power in Mashiach Yeshua’s Name!

God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 23

GOOD SHABBAT KODESH, everyone! Welcome to another bountiful season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Finances, children, and alcohol are key subjects in today’s examination of the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23. God’s wisdom is the Breath of Life; let it be so to you and yours, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name. AMEN.

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God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 21

GOOD MORNING (afternoon, evening, night) to all, and welcome to another season of Pocket of Prayer!

Christmas is fast approaching, a new Gregorian year is fast approaching, and we are all receiving the Word of God in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. Children of God, there is no place or state of being better than this! Sitting at the Father’s feet and enjoying the heart of the Godhead is what this ministry is all about, as we continue bringing you podcasting that’s 100%, straight-up, YESHUA!

Enjoy today’s program and be blessed as our series, “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM”, continues. 😀

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