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Pay Attention to God

How much attention do you really give God? What would happen in your life if you paid MORE attention to Him?


Today’s topic is one word which contains SO many others; Abba desires to bless you with them all! To discover exactly what I mean, tune in to pray with me. 😀 Listen to “183 – Restoration” on Spreaker.

Bless and Curse Not

Today I’m praying this challenging scripture comes to life in all of us: Listen to “182 – Bless and Curse Not” on Spreaker.

Out for Delivery

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! 😀 What do prayers and packages have in common? Tune in today’s podcast to find out! Listen to “180 – Out for Delivery” on Spreaker.

In Mercy Bless Us

Are You Prepared to Witness in My Name?

Does the idea of “witnessing” to others intimidate you? It need not. We’re admonished by God’s Word to always be ready to give a defense (a reason) for the hope of the Gospel that is in us, with meekness and reverence. Are you prepared…