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Always Remember…

CHAG SAMEACH! 🙂 We at Pocket of Prayer wish all of our Jewish friends a Happy Passover, and all of our Christian friends a Happy Holy Week as we approach Resurrection Day, in the Mighty Name of YESHUA! Hallelujah! “For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, […]

Trust God in the Soil

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach! Our word today is taken from Genesis 2:4-9a in the King James version. Are you praying and believing for the salvation of your loved ones? If so, you are especially urged to tune in for encouragement from the Lord.

Give Us This Day

GOOD YOM REVI’I to you! 😀 How would you finish the sentence, “Give us this day…” ? There’s more to our daily bread than meets the eye. Join me on the podcast for a fountain of ideas and a heartfelt prayer for you!