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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 1

The Lord has called for something new on the podcast! Join me each weekday in December as we explore Psalm 91 as our Word of the Month. Word of the Month PSALM 91 So much can be reaped from this marvelous passage of scripture. Yahweh desires the journey through it […]

In Death…

Who Is On the Lord’s Side? is our series topic this week. On today’s podcast, the Lord is asking some pointed questions because He wants your truthful answers. Many things and seasons can mean “death”. Tune in today for prayer, further insights, and encouragement.

In Life…

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 We have another prayer series this week on the podcast, it’s titled: WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE? Join me today and every day this week for heartfelt intercession for us all as we discover the will of God on our behalf.

Who You Will Serve

GOOD YOM SHENI TO YOU! 🙂 There’s a new podcast series in town: CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY… Join me all week as I pray for you and convey God’s thoughtful inquiries to your heart and soul regarding where you stand in your walk with Him.