If you are not saved, and you want to be saved, pray this prayer with sincerity from your heart to the Lord, and you WILL BE SAVED:

Merciful God in Heaven,

I confess with my mouth that YESHUA IS LORD;

I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead.

I reject and renounce every way of the enemy in my life.

I confess my sins, I repent of my sins, I ask You God to FORGIVE ME for my sins.


Come into my heart and life to rule and reign as LORD AND MASTER, FOREVER.

In YESHUA’S NAME I pray and ask it.


If you prayed that prayer in sincerity with all your heart to God, YOU ARE SAVED! CONGRATULATIONS, and WELCOME to the family of God!

(Now I pray God will lead you to a body of believers in Yeshua HaMashiach [Jesus the Messiah] who LIVE BY the Holy Bible, and who will nurture you, grow you, and teach you in the ways of the Godhead – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.)