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Be Faithful (Yom Kippur, Pt. 1)

For millions, observance of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar begins at sundown. Yom Kippur is a time of solemn reflection, repentance, prayer, fasting and, yes, thanksgiving to God for another year He’s kept us alive and well – forgiven by His grace. Join me on today’s edition of […]

Return to Me

GOOD MORNING! ๐Ÿ™‚ On today’s podcast, I’m praying for all those in need of a fresh start with God. The Lord is MERCIFUL. Putting an end to backsliding and recurring sins is just one sincere prayer away. If you believe this, join me.

For Your Weekend

Today’s podcast focuses on everything we’ve prayed about this week being carried with us into the weekend. May the Lord bless you and keep you mindful of His goodness in all things and in every way, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name! Amen. Miss Obed ๐Ÿ™‚

Prayer for Our Children

How many times do we remember to not only pray for our little ones but say spiritual warfare prayers over them? Join me on today’s podcast where we’ll focus on using our authority in Yeshua to keep the enemy from our “little ones”. God Bless.

We Stand in Awe

God is our Maker and Creator… He alone knows the length of our days; if we want to know them, we must ask Him to show us, for He alone has all power. That is an awesome thing. Pray with me today as we give God the reverence, regard, and […]