Remember God – Weekend Prayer

See the source imageHow’s your memory? Do you recall the blessings of God from this week alone? Can you even begin to count showers of His kindnesses and favor upon you and how many times He’s remembered you?
Now it’s OUR turn to remember.
Let’s honor Him richly on this weekend edition of Pocket of Prayer.


Bundle Up!

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The world is a cold, harsh place, but God’s children can remain warm, tenderhearted, and protected from its ravages. We can please Him as we walk along freezing roads.
Let’s find out on today’s “season” of Pocket of Prayer! 😀


Check Your Fragrance

Are you walking in the aroma of the Lord in all your words and deeds today?

Is the world, the flesh, and the enemy polluting and blinding you?

I’m seeking God for the gut-level answers to each question on today’s season of Pocket of Prayer.

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Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua

See the source image“Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that Name!” So goes the old hymn I’ve loved to sing, and it’s SO TRUE!
When have you repeated the precious Name of Yeshua (Jesus) over and over until you just grew so JOYFUL within you wanted to burst?
Well, try it now! HALLELUJAH! Proclaim His Name and receive your deliverance… for there’s just something about that Name!


A New Start

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Let’s start the work week fresh in Yeshua, giving Him the thanks He so RICHLY deserves!
Join me in doing so on today’s podcast of Pocket of Prayer…