For the Weekend (A double portion)

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Jesus is the reason for the season!

Good Yom Shishi (day six) to you! We’ve experienced God’s goodness throughout the week, and now we need a DOUBLE PORTION for the weekend.

I believe intercession is essential in the Family of God, so it is my pleasure to offer this powerful weekend prayer for all of you. Please join me!


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You probably think you know what “satisfaction” means, but you don’t.

If you don’t know how Yahweh defines it, you don’t have it… but you NEED it.

Join me in today’s prayer to discover what GOD says it is, and how you can have it, eternally.

Miss Obed 😀

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Business as Usual


This is another weekday, so you’re probably going about the normalcy of life performing daily tasks, much like the office secretary or the policeman directing traffic. For you, it’s just business as usual, and that’s okay, right?

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Wrong. For the child of God, it’s never  “okay”.

Hear why this is true on today’s episode of Pocket of Prayer.

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Get FILLED UP with God

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My cup overflows…!


The Spirit of the Living God is waiting to give you ALL you need to face the day in joyful triumph and strength. Have you approached His Throne today?

Let’s pray about it…

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Break the Cycle of Death in Your Life

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Break death’s chains, in Yeshua’s Name!

GOOD MORNING! Right here and now, death in your heart, mind, and emotions can be swallowed up in VICTORY! Let God prove it to you on today’s podcast of Pocket of Prayer. God Bless You! 😀

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