Double-Portion Prayer Roundup

As we move on from yet another MARVELOUS series, may you all remember and receive the blessings of this week’s podcasts in the DOUBLE-PORTION! 🙂

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Beloved, you will never faithfully undergo a time of pruning, testing, and trial that isn’t rewarded by Almighty God with everything He has promised.


Because He doeth ALL things well! 🙂

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In Battle…

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God prunes for your certain good!

Child of God, when you are being pruned by the Lord, things that happen in life may seem like warfare, even like a supernatural battle… go with that thought!

Tune in today’s prayer podcast as God’s Wisdom lovingly reminds you that – even in battleHe doeth all things well.

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(Note to Listeners: Audio gets a bit louder at 4:07 – 4:11 and 10:42 – 10:52.)

In Transition…

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Nobody can answer questions like the Lord; in truth, He IS the Answer to all of our questions, especially ones concerning transition. After all, He Doeth All Things Well.

This is a very important prayer season for everyone wondering why things that used to work fine in your life JUST – AREN’T – WORKING anymore. :/

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He Doeth All Things Well


Prayer Series

There is a reason to trust in God; there is a reason to hope for the future. This reason all who belong to Yeshua can cleave to, and all who have yet to be saved can look to…

Explore and enjoy the reason with me on this beautiful Yom Sheni as we pray in accordance with a fresh new series from the Hand of the Living God.

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