Quietness (Series Opener)

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You’re entering the…


Do you know how to be quiet, not merely outside, but inside?

Don’t answer too quickly, for there’s more to being quiet from God’s perspective than meets the eye.

As this new and challenging prayer series opens, God desires to acquaint us with what makes quietness such a rare and precious gift.

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Prayer Roundup (Double the Double Portion)

Father, let Your blessings flow…!

As our THIRD consecutive prayer theme concludes today on the podcast, I am asking God for His double portion, times TWO! Pray with me, and have a FABULOUS weekend! 😀

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In Sunshine

Child of God, how’s your prayer life when things are going well?

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Now’s the time to trust & praise!

Does it lose its fire and fervency when the sun is bright and storm clouds have passed away?

As the series, Trust in the Lord continues, I’m praying that we’ll always remember to magnify God for His goodness in sunshine as well as in rain.

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When You Pray

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Are you emotionally present when you pray?

Whom are you addressing when you pray?

Do you believe you’ll be heard when you pray?

What IS prayer? Does it matter? If so, why?

Join me today as we pray about all these things and get you some answers!

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Through Death

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Let Yeshua comfort you…


It only seems like God is not looking, because the enemy wants you to think He doesn’t care.

But God does see you. God CARES, and Yeshua can heal you, if you’ll put your trust in Him.

As the prayer series, “Trust in the Lord” begins, I’m praying for all who are mourning today. Bring your grieving heart to Yeshua; He understands and will shower you in healing.

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