Forgiveness is SO important!

This week weโ€™re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Pocket of Prayer by turning back the clock with an ENCORE presentation of the first five episodes! Enjoy prayer โ€œseasonโ€ 004, as we give God glory for our small beginnings, and thank Him for ALL He has done!

Today’s Pocket of Prayer podcast focuses on the need for forgiveness. We all must have forgiving hearts if we are to be forgiven by God.

God’s law of Sowing and Reaping allows us to receive whatever we first give; it works that way with everything, INCLUDING forgiveness. For Mark 11:25 says,

And when you stand praying, forgive, if you have ought against any, that your Father also which is in Heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Listen as I pray this over all of us today, and be blessed.


Miss Obed

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This week we’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Pocket of Prayer with an ENCORE presentation of the first five episodes! Enjoy prayer “season” number 005, and God bless you…

How’s your confidence level in God?

Do you know that He hears you always? that He is your protector? that He loves you?

Or are you sometimes guessing about these things? Today on POP our time focuses on having CONFIDENCE in God in every way concerning you. If you struggle in these areas, this morning’s prayer time reveals exactly how to become confident in Him.

Listen in, and be blessed!

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Prayer Roundup/Discussion

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On today’s podcast, Blessed and I discuss the week’s prayers in the wake of several tragedies unfolding even now in the USA. Join us as we ask God’s blessings over all of us in the double portion, so we can continue living out these last of the last days and end of the end times the Lord’s way.

Have a fabulous weekend in Yeshua, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Be Not Afraid

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CANCEL fear, in Yeshua’s Name!

Child of God, as our focus on 2 Tim. 3:13 concludes, it is my utter JOY and privilege to admonish you to BE. NOT. AFRAID.

What does God have to say about this? Plenty. Tune in today’s podcast to hear a powerful prayer sharing the Lord’s wisdom, comfort, and encouragement, in Yeshua’s Name! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Decrease That God May Increase

As our podcast week continues, based on the scripture verse of the week (2 Tim. 3:13), today I’m praying for you about how to do what is necessary so God will shine continually in our lives to our benefit in these perilous times.

Join me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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