God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 22

HALLELUJAH! Good Yom Shishi (Day 6) to all of you, and welcome to another sensational season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Amen. We are having SUCH fun bringing to you this marvelous 31-part series based on God’s richly abundant Book of Proverbs and, today, we are looking closely at Chapter 22 for your continued edification and blessing.

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18th of December

GOOD MORNING! No matter what time it is where you are, whenever you expose your spirit to the Light of our Father God – it’s MORNING! HALLELUJAH!

When you are a child of The Most High God, there is no need to fear – ever. Fear is a lie, declares the Lord, because God is your complete Protector and Way Maker – He is unconquerable.

This truthful encouragement and much more await you this morning on Pocket of Praise in the Spirit. REJOICE! 😀

18th of December

God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 21

GOOD MORNING (afternoon, evening, night) to all, and welcome to another season of Pocket of Prayer!

Christmas is fast approaching, a new Gregorian year is fast approaching, and we are all receiving the Word of God in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. Children of God, there is no place or state of being better than this! Sitting at the Father’s feet and enjoying the heart of the Godhead is what this ministry is all about, as we continue bringing you podcasting that’s 100%, straight-up, YESHUA!

Enjoy today’s program and be blessed as our series, “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM”, continues. 😀

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