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Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 3

Some folks think that – while the concept of forgiving is difficult enough – actually forgetting a hurt or sin is something next to impossible and could be dangerous, right? Wrong… and thank God it is. In today’s continuation of our series, Almighty God answers the question, why should I forget? He also sets the stage and lays the groundwork for the MEGA-Truth that … Read More Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 3

Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 2

Good Yom Shlishi to you! πŸ™‚ Just as much as we need to know why we should forgive – or perhaps even more so – it is critical for us to know HOW to forgive. I’m SO grateful for our benevolent God, Who knows everything we need and joyfully and lovingly provides. As the series continues, today’s podcast will show you step-by-step just how … Read More Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 2

Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 1

GOOD YOM SHENI TO YOU! πŸ™‚ So many times we hear that we need to forgive, and it’s true – we do. We need forgiving hearts and minds throughout our walk with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But – in my opinion – not nearly enough do we hear clear-cut reasons why we need to forgive. Motivation to forgive, it seems, is always … Read More Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 1

New seasons start Jan. 6, 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone! Pocket of Prayer is taking a break to bring in the new year with fresh prospectives and rest. God is already revealing topics and scriptures for this new year. I’m excited about what is to come! May His Mighty, Restorative, Hand of Mercy be upon you all as you look out with fresh eyes upon this new Gregorian year. God … Read More New seasons start Jan. 6, 2020!

Psalm 91: Summary Thoughts

What a FANTASTIC Psalm! On today’s podcast, it’s read and prayed into your lives with Holy Spirit’s fervor and passion. Tune in to share the last “season” of the podcast for 2019 and to receive my blessing, in Yeshua’s Name and power, over all of you for an amazing and even further blessed 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR! πŸ™‚

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 20

Our Word of the Month series concludes today with Psalm 91, verse 16. Tune in for God’s word regarding this lovely promise, and to find out how we’ll say goodbye to the decade and to the Gregorian year 2019. God bless! πŸ™‚

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 19

There is an ABUNDANT harvest in trusting God, beloved! On today’s podcast, we continue to “reap” what we’ve sown in learning how God answers, delivers, honors, and rewards all those who make Him the focal point of their lives in obedience, loyalty, love, and trust. Tune in as our Word of the Month series powerfully examines Psalm 91, verse 15.

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 18

Today’s podcast focuses on Psalm 91, verse 14. What attributes and habits of God’s children will cause Him to set them “on high” with Him and Yeshua HaMashiach? Tune in for the answer and to be prayed for and blessed as we begin wrapping up our Word of the Month series, titled, Where Are You Dwelling?

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 17

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! πŸ™‚ Is dwelling in God’s secret place only about being protected and on the defensive? Hardly. Tune in today to see what I mean as we continue to REJOICE in God our Savior during our Word of the Month series, focusing on Psalm 91, verse 13.

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 16

God’s angelic host are a valuable resource for carrying out His work in the universe and among His children. Join me today for Part 16 of our Word of the Month series as Psalm 91, verse 12 continues referencing their abilities on our behalf.

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 15

Good Monday morning to you! πŸ™‚ Join me today for a special time of intercession and thanksgiving to Almighty God for His supernatural protection of us all as our Word of the Month continues, highlighting Psalm 91, verse 11.

Psalm 91: What We’ve Learned So Far

HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone! God keeping us, Blessed and I are going to try to review all the verses of Psalm 91 we’ve covered thus far without laughing too much in your ears! Our Word of the Month is progressing superbly. Relax and tune in as she and I indulge in lively, funny, yet heartfelt and serious conversation and consideration of the Lord’s goodness to … Read More Psalm 91: What We’ve Learned So Far