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Bless the Lord! Part 7

Intimacy with the Almighty God of the Universe is possible, beloved, and that is GREAT news! Tune in today as I discuss what happens in our lives when we befriend God His way; the results are warm and safe and real and satisfying. Amen. The Word of the Month series looks at Psalm 103, verse 7.

Bless the Lord! Part 6

GOOD YOM SHENI! Child of God, rest assured, the Lord Himself is our Avenger. πŸ™‚ As we continue our Word of the Month series based on Psalm 103, today’s podcast pulls in many correlating verses of scripture to assure and reassure you of this. We’re looking at verse 6.

Bless the Lord! Part 5

We’re one week gone already in our Word of the Month series highlighting the amazing Psalm 103! I pray your hearts are being edified, fortified, and spiritually nourished by all Abba has to say. Tune in to be prayed for in the double portion, and to hear how God delights in meeting even more than our physical needs, by His power. HAVE A GREAT … Read More Bless the Lord! Part 5

Bless the Lord! Part 4

On today’s podcast the Lord is asking all of His children to remember how He saw you, saved you, blessed you and called you His very own… Let Psalm 103, verse 4, stir your loving testimony today, as our Word of the Month series continues.

Bless the Lord! Part 3

GOOD MORNING, everyone! πŸ™‚ There is ALWAYS so much more to our God than meets the eye… the same holds true for the contents of His Holy Bible. As our Word of the Month series highlighting Psalm 103 continues, tune in today’s podcast for some fascinating truths in verse 3; truths that reveal His heart at deeper depths and higher heights than you or … Read More Bless the Lord! Part 3

Bless the Lord! Part 2

None of us ever want the goodness of our hearts to be forgotten in any way, do we? Neither does the Lord. Today’s podcast, continuing our Word of the Month series highlighting Psalm 103, focuses on God’s desires through verse 2.

Bless the Lord! Part 1

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! πŸ™‚ Another Word of the Month series has been called for on the podcast. Please join me today and for the rest of February as we delve into God’s amazing heart regarding Psalm 103. The theme for the month, “Bless the Lord!”, begins a whole new season of excitement and learning on Pocket of Prayer. Hallelujah!

Summary Prayer

GOOD YOM SHISHI to you! Today’s double-portion prayer summarizes all the podcasts God has given us during this “freestyle” week and then imparts His blessings onto/into all of you for a marvelous weekend.


How many of us can honestly say we have courage? It’s a Godly trait, you know. Tune in today’s podcast where I’m praying we all come to know, utilize, and thank God for His courage, daily.


GOOD MORNING! πŸ™‚ Fortitude, resolve, endurance… all these are traits of strength, and all these are found in the Almighty God. Do you need these attributes in your life today? Tune in today as I pray Yahweh’s everlasting strength be within us all.


There is a kind of health that goes beyond the physical, that’s worth more than money, and that doesn’t originate anywhere on the earth. Tune in today’s podcast for prayer that God impart this kind of health to you and yours in every way.

Life is God

GOOD MORNING! πŸ™‚ Child of God, remember Who governs your life and your focus. Remember where your heart and affections rest. Remember Who loves you more than you can fathom. Remember, and be grateful, that… Life is God.