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Tell Them…

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! πŸ™‚

Another podcast series begins this week, Regarding the Lost.

The Lord is giving me the opportunity to express my heart (by His power) for all those who are unsaved, and I’m really grateful to Him for it.

As you join me for Part 1 of God’s entreaty to souls who need to know Yeshua, ask God to give you a voice also to reach out to those in your life who need to hear the Gospel, and tell them. God bless you!

Listen to Season “417 – Tell Them”

Double-Portion Prayer Roundup

Let’s Pray…

Yom Shishi is here, and that means it’s time for my prayer for all of you in the double portion! I always thank God for the privilege of interceding for the Body of Christ as well as for the unsaved, that good things will be implanted within all of you, in Yeshua’s Name.

Join me today for a review of this week’s terrific podcasts (from the series titled, It’s Personal) and a much more detailed double-portion prayer.


Listen to Season “416 – Double-Portion Prayer Roundup”