DP Prayer (Kingdom of God)

Let’s pray…

It’s Shabbat Kodesh and time for the Double-Portion Prayer on the Pocket of Prayer podcast!

I’ve had such a wonderful time in this series this week! Learning about The Kingdom of God has truly been a feast for the soul, and I pray you all were blessed by it. This is a powerful prayer time just for you – please tune in so God can bless you mightily through it. 😀

Have a marvelous rest of your weekend and, God keeping me, I’ll be with you on Monday for another season of Pocket of Prayer. AMEN.

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The Kingdom of God – Part 5

“You have to live this, every day.”

It’s time for another season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Part 5 of our series on “The Kingdom of God” concerns what we must do every single day of the world as we live out relationship with Christ Jesus.

Spiritual fad, whimsy, and fancy should have nothing at all to do in the life of a child of God. This is the real thing, y’all… indeed, it’s a living way. AMEN.

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The Kingdom of God – Part 4

Listeners, that says it ALL!
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