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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 2

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It’s true that Almighty God Himself is our Rest and Covering, but that means MUCH more than you may think.

Join me today to explore the “much more” as our Word of the Month from Psalm 91 continues, with the second part of Where Are You Dwelling?

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 1

The Lord has called for something new on the podcast! Join me each weekday in December as we explore Psalm 91 as our Word of the Month.

Word of the Month


So much can be reaped from this marvelous passage of scripture. Yahweh desires the journey through it and my prayers regarding it to be shared bountifully with every soul tuning in!

I’m excited about this endeavor! God bless you as we begin today in faith believing, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name.

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Prayer for Your Week

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God Bless You!


The Lord has called for the podcast to take the rest of the week off to give thanks to God and spend time with family, enjoying His rest, bounty, and blessings.

Join me today as I pray for YOUR week to be everything He intends it to be, and for His protection and blessing over you and yours.


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