God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 5

Good morning, and welcome to another great season of Pocket of Prayer!

As our series, titled, “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM” continues, today we’re brought into the everlasting analogy of God and His beloved bride, the true Church. I love it that the Lord is jealous and possessive over us and dedicates Himself to accomplishing our cleansing and renewal each day.

Listen and be blessed along with me as we delve mightily into Proverbs chapter 5. 😀

Listen to Season “555 – God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 5”

27th of November

Good morning, (afternoon, evening, night) and welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit!

This podcast is dedicated to praising the Godhead and receiving Their will concerning us who believe. Hallelujah!

Praise and pray along with me, and receive God’s word to our souls today in the Heavenly language of tongues and their interpretation. AMEN.

27th of November