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His Sheep Will Hear His Voice

Hello and WELCOME to another session of Pocket of Bible Study!

We continue our gentle exegesis of the Book of John with chapter 10 this evening, highlighting verses 1-15 as a package of God’s discernment offered through His scriptures.

Please open your bibles to the featured passage, and you’ll see what I mean when you hear this week’s presentation. God bless you! 🙂

Listen to Session “TU019 – His Sheep Will Hear His Voice”
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17th of November

This is Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, and I bid you WELCOME! Hallelujah!

In this prospering arm of The Pocket Ministries International, we enjoy praising our God in the Heavenly Language of His Spirit, and receiving His word for our lives through the interpretation of tongues.

Tune in to receive His offerings in encouragement, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to our hearts today and every day. God bless you! 🙂

17th of November