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Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 5

Do you feel “mousy” or mighty?

Good morning, listeners! It’s time for another season of Pocket of Prayer, and I’m glad you’re here. 🙂

Our series, “Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY” is introducing a new character today, and God wants you to know just what you can achieve in your life if you but put your trust in Him.

Tune in so we can look further into this…

Listen to Season “549 – Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 5”
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6th of November

GOOD MORNING! Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! This is a daily praise podcast where we use our Heavenly Language to prepare us for the day, and we receive God’s word in tongues, interpreted, to edify and bless us.

Join me for soothing, yet powerful admonition and encouragement from the Lord as we begin. 😀

6th of November