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Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 3

Living in a hole isn’t clever, unless you’re a rabbit!

It’s Wednesday already, Yom Revi’i, and time for another season of Pocket of Prayer!

As our series, “Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY” continues, let me ask you these questions on behalf of the Lord:

Do you believe that living in basic isolation is healthy for any human being? Are you the loner type – one who “goes it alone” and doesn’t have much if anything in the way of friends in the Body of Mashiach? Do you avoid situations where you’re called upon to be a “team player”?

If the answer to any or all of these questions on your part is YES… please tune in today’s podcast; God’s got wisdom, encouragement, directives, and truth for you.

Listen to Season “547 – Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 3”
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4th of November

It’s time for another day of Pocket of Praise in the Spirit. HALLELUJAH! Good morning! 😀

The Aftermath is what the Lord calls today in His tongues and interpretation for us all. Remember that, in God, “Faith rests”. Amen.

4th of November