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Who’s Your Daddy?

GOOD TUESDAY NIGHT to everyone, and welcome to another session of Pocket of Bible Study! Hallelujah! 😀

Tonight is Part 3 of our gentle exegesis and study of the Book of John, chapter 8. We’re looking at verses 33-47 and trying not to groan at the multitudes considering themselves sons and daughters of God and Abraham when – in truth – Yeshua said they were of their father… :/ (Yuck!)

Please open your bibles to the featured scripture, and prepare your hearts to receive this beautiful study which asks the question, “Who’s Your Daddy?” Amen.

Listen to Session “TU016 – Who’s Your Daddy?”


An Obedient servant of the Living God. By His power, I record and produce 4-1/2 podcasts: Pocket of Prayer, Pocket of Teach & Preach, Pocket of Bible Study, Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, and Miss Obed Answers weekdays and weekly, respectively. All podcasts offer God's Word in prayer, encouragement, teaching, preaching, gentle exegesis, and power to the edification of everyone within the sound of my voice.

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