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“One Bread” – Part 5

Good morning! 😀

What verse of scripture more clearly defines the Father and the Son’s intent for all of us to be one in love than the actual Lord’s prayer in John 17?

As the podcast series, “ONE BREAD” draws to a close, today’s season centers on all the wonderful words and desires Jesus prayed to the Father for our oneness with Them and with one another, in love.

Listen to Season “537 – In Love”


An Obedient servant of the Living God. By His power, I record and produce 4-1/2 podcasts: Pocket of Prayer, Pocket of Teach & Preach, Pocket of Bible Study, Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, and Miss Obed Answers weekdays and weekly, respectively. All podcasts offer God's Word in prayer, encouragement, teaching, preaching, gentle exegesis, and power to the edification of everyone within the sound of my voice.

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