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“But God…” – Part 9

Threats are never welcomed, not even by extortioners!

As our series, titled, “BUT GOD…” continues, today’s prayer lifts up those who threaten and those who are threatened; those who blackmail, and those who are blackmailed. Both need mega-prayer, and Messiah Jesus is the Answer! Amen.

Listen to Season “529 – Extortioners”
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14th of October

Good morning! 🙂 Pocket of Praise in the Spirit is a powerful, new member of The Pocket Ministries International family, and you are welcome here, listener!

This morning Holy Spirit grants interpretation of what He is speaking to all of us by His power; it’s a time of edification you want to be part of, indeed.

If you have not yet received the baptism of Jesus Christ (Who Himself gave us Holy Spirit and power) as a believer, lift your hands and ask God for it right now; it’s yours through faith in Mashiach Yeshua. Amen!

14th of October