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Yeshua is Righteous

Welcome to another session of Pocket of Bible Study! It’s Tuesday night and I’m stoked about the truths to be shared with you all tonight.

Please open your bibles to John 7 and prepare yourselves for a blessing from the Lord God Almighty, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name!

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Greater Diligence

GOOD YOM SHLISHI (Day Three) to all of you! 🙂

Let me ask – words like steadfast, compliant, constant, earnest… how do they strike you? In a good way, or a bad?

As our three-week series, titled

continues, today I’m praying for all of us to learn to love – more and more – words like those, for they are some of God’s favorite. I know this because they all sum up the word “diligence”, which He requires of all His children.

Join me in sincere intercession that we take on greater diligence, in every way the Lord intends. Amen.

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