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Don’t Be the Chaff

Psalm 1:4-5 addresses a sobering topic on today’s season. While there are plenty of fruits to bear and much life to be enjoyed when we keep our eyes on Yeshua, taking our eyes off of Him and living for worthless things brings in nothing but a meaningless crop of sorrow. Don’t go there, child of God. Don’t be like the chaff… 😦

Join me in prayer for you as our WORD OF THE WEEK series continues.

Listen to Season “489 – Don’t Be the Chaff”


An Obedient servant of the Living God. By His power, I record and produce 4-1/2 podcasts: Pocket of Prayer, Pocket of Teach & Preach, Pocket of Bible Study, Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, and Miss Obed Answers weekdays and weekly, respectively. All podcasts offer God's Word in prayer, encouragement, teaching, preaching, gentle exegesis, and power to the edification of everyone within the sound of my voice.

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