Don’t Cease to Speak

Good Yom Chamishi to everyone! Welcome to the Thursday edition of Pocket of Bible Study!

Tonight’s session comes from Mark 11:22-25 and Hebrews 11.

Good “thoughts” are welcomed in the life of every believer but, to make things happen in the world of faith, one must SPEAK things into being, just as Almighty God does.

Turn your bibles to the featured scriptures, and let’s find out more of what I mean, together. God bless. 🙂

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Don’t Be the Chaff

Psalm 1:4-5 addresses a sobering topic on today’s season. While there are plenty of fruits to bear and much life to be enjoyed when we keep our eyes on Yeshua, taking our eyes off of Him and living for worthless things brings in nothing but a meaningless crop of sorrow. Don’t go there, child of God. Don’t be like the chaff… 😦

Join me in prayer for you as our WORD OF THE WEEK series continues.

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