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What the Name of God Contains

It’s time for the Thursday night edition of Pocket of Bible Study! Hallelujah!

Tonight’s topical session spotlights that fabulous blessing God breathed out in Numbers 6:24-26 as a way to put His Name upon the children of Israel.

The prayer is marvelous on its face… but what if we look into it a bit deeper? With our God, there’s ALWAYS something more! 🙂

Please turn your bibles to tonight’s scripture, and prepare yourselves for an insightful treat from the heart of the Lord.

Listen to Session “TH003 – What the Name of God Contains”
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I Love You Unconditionally**

This classic podcast originally aired on Valentine’s Day 2019, but its message is eternal and meant to warm your hearts every day. 🙂

Tune in and enjoy, as ENCORE WEEKS continues marvelously on Pocket of Prayer…

Listen to “E128 – I Love You Unconditionally”

**An Encore Weeks Presentation.