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Don’t Take God for Granted


In the “little” things… do you remember to pause to thank God?

Scripture says in the Book of James that EVERY good gift and EVERY perfect gift is from above.

How many times do we thank God for things like not stubbing our toes, or for causing stubborn jar lids to pop off safely?

Let’s pray about this today, and give God the praise and thanks He richly deserves for blessings small and great.

Listen to Season “016 – Don’t Take God for Granted”

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Miss Obed

An Obedient servant of the Living God. By His power, I record and produce two podcasts: Pocket of Prayer and Pocket of Teach & Preach, weekdays and weekly, respectively. Both podcasts offer God's Word in prayer, encouragements, teaching, and preaching to the edification of everyone within the sound of my voice.

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